Complex Magazine rates us #4 of the 50 Best College Coffeehouses in America

Even though most of you know that the word coffeehouse and lovin’cup in the same sentence gives me the heebeegeebees, I cannot deny the excitement I felt when I learned that WE were named #4 of the Best 50 Coffeehouses in America, by none other than Complex Magazine of NYC!!  This is no small potatoes.  Complex Magazine, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a young men’s style/lifestyle magazine founded by Mark Ecko and Hugh McFall in 2002!  These people know their stuff when it comes to food and drink!  Not to mention many other things! And being recognized by Complex as the fourth best of almost anything in America is a great thing!  Now that Complex knows we are here, we’ll work on becoming #1 on their list of “Coolest Joints in America”!

While I hate being pigeonholed into the single category of “coffee shop” or “college hangout”, I can’t deny that it is part of our overall make-up!  We do have damn good coffee, which is great for a morning breakfast meeting or a night out when you’re the designated driver or just don’t drink.  (Not to mention some fabulous coffee beers….ahem, 3HB Java Sutra Coffee Porter, anyone?)  And we are part of a wonderful surrounding college community, made of up students, faculty and staff who have proven to be a synergistic piece of our overall community!  Really, when I think of what a coffee shop represents: community, music, friendship, a place where you can be yourself, I become proud of being placed in that category, among all the other things that we do!

Lovin’cup is many things to many different people.  Our goal was for different people to find their niche, whatever that means to them.  We are honored to have been recognized By Complex Magazine!  We are going places!

For those of you who missed their famous and  fabulous blurb that they wrote about us, here she goes: (I love the part where they say we don’t just list what’s going on – we are what’s going on!)

4. Lovin' Cup

4. Lovin’ Cup


School: Rochester Institute of Technology
Address: 300 Park Point Dr, Rochester, N.Y.

openlate Open Late alcohol Serves Alcoholmusic Live Music goodfood Good Food

A great coffee shop doesn’t just list what’s going on around town later that night—it is what’s going on later that night. Enter the Lovin Cup: huge lunch and dinner menu, draft beer, wine and cocktails, and a surprisingly impressive source for live music without any of the dinginess of the college venues you’re used to (which could be a good or a bad thing). You don’t necessarily have to go home for the 8 or so hours between closing and opening time.

Coverage on the Rochester  –

Thank you again to Complex Magazine and to all of our wonderful crew and loyal customers who make us who we are. 🙂