All Jazzed Up…

Dear Fans of Jazz @ Lovin’ Cup:

When we first opened the Cup, one of the elements I wished to add to our customer experience was the offering of a weekly jazz series.  The vision was to provide great jazz early on Sunday evenings to wind down the weekend in a mellow way and get everyone re-charged for the new work week!  (Also, I love jazz and wanted to listen to it live in my own joint!!  Sitting in the soft seating and listening to great jazz at the Cup is one of my greatest simple pleasures!)

We have certainly enjoyed some great jazz at the cup and have heard some extraordinary performances.   So many other incredible jazz artists have graced our stage.  Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of this series is the support we’ve received from the artists themselves.

And while I’m certain that there are a lot of jazz fans in the greater Rochester area, I simply don’t understand why more haven’t come out to hear jazz played well in an intimate setting where the music can be felt as well as heard.

Our jazz patrons have been consistently loyal.  The fact, however, is that there are just not enough of you. We have a core group of jazz fans that come out to hear free jazz and in exchange, spend a little money.  But the hard fact is that jazz nite does not pay for itself and we consistently lose money every Sunday – and in order for Lovin’ Cup to succeed, we need to be profitable every day.

So instead of whining about what’s wrong with jazz fans (nothing), we are going to figure out what we are doing wrong.

We’ve decided to put Sunday Jazz on hiatus for the Summer and make a plan for coming back this Fall with a format and offering that will make Jazz at Lovin’ Cup the best jazz experience in town. In the meantime, please feel free to send us your ideas.  We’d love to hear them!

And while I have the chance, I’d like to express my appreciation to all of you.  You, our customers, are the best.  We have tried to create an inclusive environment that is different from the “Sports Bar”, “Cool to be Seen At” and “Corporate Chain” experiences that a lot of folks flock to.  Lovin’ Cup is for the rest of us. We’ve tried to be unique – and you have responded.   Lovin’ Cup is just a space.  The people in it make it a community.  Our Crew and Customers have made our dream come true.

Peace and Love.

John Nichols

Managing Partner