Our favorite summer beers…

The summer sunshine and warmer temps of summer call for lighter, more refreshing choices in beer.  I can’t lie – these tend to be my favorite beers year round, but definitely make more of a name for themselves in the penetrating heat of summer.  Now, I’m not talking “light beer” – I’m talking cold, refreshing choices that are crisp, invigorating, and easy-drinking, while also being flavorful.  Some are made explicitly for the summer, while others just fare well amongst others during this time of year.

We are celebrating the short, but wonderful Rochester summer, by tasting some of our personal favorites on our lovely patio during our monthly Brew ha-ha.  We have carefully chosen some of our favorite summer brews (to enjoy in the sunshine – JUST for experimental purposes :D) along with some delicious seasonal snacks!

Our choices include:

Sly Fox Mai Bock
Flying Dog Woody Creek
Peak Organic Summer Session
Jack D’Or Pretty Things Saison
Riesdorff Kolsh

14.00 for six brews and some summer patio food favorites!  We hope that you will join us.  These tastings are a relaxing and fun way to learn about beer.  How better than to taste them?  During summer?  Just saying.