Goodbye Beer Tubes. It’s been fun, but our time is through…

Oh, the Beer Tube.  Such a glorious vision from afar.  A towering pillar of golden deliciousness – a true Beer Tower.

Lovin’cup hadn’t even opened yet when I decided that the concept of the beer tube had to be a part of the offerings.  I had never seen anything like it!  I loved so much about it.  I loved the concept of doing something different and being the first bar to implement such a creative means of beer sharing.  I loved that it was communal – the fact that people could gather around a tube and partake in a delicious draft.  I’m always a fan of sharing.  It’s like being at a family dinner;  it gets people talking, sharing, laughing.

Where did I get this fabulous idea?  You don’t really want to know, but I will tell you anyway.  It all came from an evening of watching trash television on VHI;  more specifically, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.  Your judging me.  I know it. But I don’t care.  The show was addicting.  Kind-of like watching a train wreck!  And you didn’t have to think too much. You could sort of just sit back and let your brain relax for a minute!  Regardless, not all was lost in this unrecoverable waste of time.  For during one episode stood the beautiful Beer Tube.  Having not seen something like this in Rochester, I thought it would be a fun and different piece to bring to Lovin’cup upon opening.

And that it was.

People loved the beer tube!  Upon seeing one being brought out to a table, people would perk up in their seats.  “What is THAT?!” they would ask eagerly.  Soon the whole room would be filled with these illuminated pillars of glorious nectar!  You can be certain that the tubes have had their day at Lovin’cup!  They are part of what made us who we are!

Since we have opened, these beer tubes have sprung up at other local watering holes.  The novelty has worn off as they become a little more commonplace.  With our expanding bar selection (have you tried on our fabulous new cocktails?) we have chosen to focus on quality, selection and freshness! With all of these exciting enhancements, we have decided to go a different direction with our beer sharing gadgets!

To soften the blow a little bit, you CAN get any of our drafts in our brand new pitchers!  They are also perfect for sharing, and cheaper to purchase!  And we will be doing some cool events and giveaways with our remaining beer tubes!  So stay tuned for that!

On another note, was an amazing company to work with!  If you want your very own tube of beer, that is the place to visit!  The founder, David Stein, was AWESOME to work with!!