Lovin’ Art! – our new monthly art opening!

Don’t know if anyone happened to stop out to Lovin’cup on Sunday, September 3rd, but those who did were probably very glad that they did.

With beautiful new art hanging on our walls (by Ronnie Tsang) alongside the music of Moho Collective, we celebrated art!  Although Lovin’cup has been doing a great job of changing up our art monthly in support of local and national artists, we could have been doing a better job of making the public more aware of it!

And while I would like to, I can’t take the credit for this one.

It was actually Moho Collective that approached me!  Wondering how they could be a part of really bringing more attention to the artists each month.  They wanted to know how they could help raise awareness about how much heart and soul goes into not only an art series, but each individual piece.

Our first event of the series went off splendidly, and we look forward to throwing this celebration the first Sunday of each month! And so, we are delighted to announce our new monthly event, LOVIN’ ART, an art release party for our monthly featured artists!

October’s featured artist is HOWARD KOFT, who will be showcasing his work on Sunday, October 2nd 6pm. Combined with the amazing sounds of The Moho Collective, this will be a great opportunity to see and hear some hot local talent! And did we mention it is FREE (aside from an optional suggested donation that goes the artists! We spoil you Lovin’ Cuppers!

With a vast amount of experience, Howard describes his art like this:

“A snippet of a scene, a glimpse of a shape – the beginning of a personal essay, a short story, or a tale. Every image can be an entity or a portal for fertile imagination. Seeking harmonious balance amidst the tension of color and form fighting for attention and prominence, yet at a loss to overcome the dominance of ever-present and expanding space. Unity comes with resolution of the spaces in my mind.

My work begins with simple forms that evolve into different levels of complexity. Positive forms we label objects, negative forms we label space. The importance of each is determined by the outcome, not the onset, for works of art are, by their very nature, a process of discovery – not only in the making, but most importantly, in the viewing. Who knows the destiny of a mind being tossed and tugged by the elastic strings of the heart?”

Again, this is the second event of a monthly series, as The Lovin’ Cup and The Moho Collective work together to bring more awareness and LOVE to the beautiful work that adorns their walls!

Please come on out and help make our Lovin’ Art event a memorable one!

Thanks for your support, always.

Leslie,  (Lovin’cup, and Moho Collective)