A few more words from Miss Kara!

By now you have all seen the fabulous interview with Kara, on of our amazing crew members!  You may know her as your favorite drink-slinger, your most sought-after server…or just that beautiful girl with the gorgeous curls! 🙂  This is her take on her latest interview (which you can find below):


I woke up three weeks ago by the shrill singing of Devendra Banhart from my cell phone.  It was an ungodly hour for me, eleven am.  Horrible.   I forced one of my eyes open and saw that Leslie was calling me.  “Huh?” I answered, barely intelligible.  I hung up the phone a few minutes later confused.  Apparently, Janelle from metro mix was doing a featured bartender of the month and picked Lovin Cup.  By default I was chosen because they wanted a female bartender.  I was flattered and extremely nervous at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong I love being the center of attention.  I have everything in my favor for being an attention fiend.  I’m the youngest child, an ex dancer/gymnast/cheerleader and work behind a bar that doubles as a stage.   However, being interviewed with my picture splashed on a website and physical publication for all to see and criticize, I was not so keen on that.  I agreed because the spotlight lover in me forced the tiny pseudo meekness in me into a corner to sulk.

The next day I got an e-mail from the interviewer with a few questions for me to answer.  They were standard questions.  They were nothing like I was expecting in my head; like how I figured the earth and our lives into the universe.  They were more along the lines of, “where do you live?” “How old are you” “have you ever taken a costumer home?” (NO!)   No sweat.  I answered them, honestly. That part was over easily enough, but then the photographer called me the next day.

I am horribly awkward on the phone so when I saw that an unknown number was calling me I figured it was the photographer and answered it begrudgingly.   After a few stammered sentences and talking over each other we finally got to the conclusion that he would shoot me at Lovin’ Cup the next day.   I might have gone out a liiiittle too late after work that night but I was up the next day on time and ready to go(ish).  After I grabbed lunch with Don I realized I was behind schedule.   I rushed home, grabbed a blazer out of my roommates closet to top off what I was wearing, and grabbed an armful of makeup.   I threw on some eyeliner, and blush at every stoplight before we arrived at Lovin Cup and I somehow looked presentable.

I met the photographer who was very nice, professional and handsome. I think a good-looking photographer always helps calm the nerves.  Anyway, him and I brainstormed ideas until finally deciding he would shoot me in the soft seating enjoying a nice pint in our Lovin Cup anniversary mugs.  I was game.  Anytime I get to enjoy a beer for the sake of a photograph ill oblige happily.   Initially he had me in a terribly uncomfortable position with my legs up on the coffee-table-esque wooden cubes that are about a foot higher then the couch.   It was an almost acrobatic move and it showed on my face.   He switched me to another position on the armchair at ease with my legs crossed and my head cocked to one side as if to say, ‘Oh, hello.  I’m just here, enjoying a beer, how are you?’   It was a little bizarre to be shooting a photograph in the middle of the restaurant during lunch rush, but I got over it with a few more sips of the 3HB kind I.P.A that was supposed to be my prop.

It was a very quick photo session that only took about 25 minutes.  The photographer asked if I wanted to see any of the shots but I refused.  It would only prolong the agony.

I continued working within the next two weeks and the article had almost escaped from my memory until I woke up yet again with my phone abuzz.  My facebook world was blowing up!  My friends, family, and costumers were all reposting the article link with words of encouragement and kindness. I put off looking at the article as long as I could but my curiosity got the best of me and I finally clicked on the metromix link.   There I was! The picture turned out OK! I was so relieved that I didn’t look like a 10,000-pound goblin swamp creature.

Since the article has come out I’ve gotten so many positive responses and words of encouragement.   All of my co-workers have supported me through this whole situation along with a dash of teasing that is very true to form.   Regardless of being published in a little city’s little weekend publication it feels huge.  I feel blessed and honored to work at such a great bar and be a representative of a company that has such an amazing and unique thing going.

All in all, it was a pretty rad once in a lifetime experience. Really though, I’m just little ol’ modest bartender Kara so come have a pint with me, we’ll share a giggle over it.

Written by Kara Henderson