Lovin’cup Idol – a magical experience

Don’t know how many of you have been following Lovin’cup Idol, but if you aren’t; you should be.  Its an amazing intermingling of talent from all different people.  They each bring their own story.  Their own style.  And, most importantly perhaps, their own voice.  We have two more weeks of Lovin’cup Idol, and it’s gone by so fast.  Our top three are:

Evyn Grassl

Alphonso Williams

Christina Latone

We have had to say goodbye to some beautiful people and wonderfully talented folks over the past few weeks!  We wish them the best of luck and thank them for their involvement in what we have been doing.

As the series reaches it’s conclusion, the excitement levels are through the roof! Next week is ‘Duets & Tributes’ night, where the first half of the night will involve our contestants performing duets with each other, and the second half sees them perform a song of someone who is no longer with us – a tribute. We are proud to have Rochester entertainment legend Dem Jones as guest judge! Season 1 Idol winner Amanda Lee Peers will be performing during the intermission and we are very excited to welcome her back to our Lovin’ Cup stage!

Unfortunately, we will be without our regular panelist Elvio Fernades as he is away touring with Chris Daughtry! The handsome devil actually appeared live on American Idol during Daughtry’s performance on the show last week. From Lovin’ Cup Idol to American Idol….good work Elvio!

The red carpet season finale is taking place on April 9th, where we will finally be able to reveal our Lovin’ Cup Idol 2012! The winner will receive a prize of $500, a professional studio recording and music video, a write-up in Subculture magazine and the opportunity to perform on local radio, as well as, of course, the glory of being our Idol 2012! At the finale we are delighted to welcome back our entire top 10 who will get together for a memorable farewell performance. Come join us, along with judges Erik Ward, Leslie Zinck, Javian Rufus, Mike Lasapanora, and special guest judge Bro Wease, for this special night!

Sounds good, yes? Check out Roctivities (www.roctivities.com) for all the info you could want on the Lovin’ Cup Idol series, at roctivities.com. There you will find bio’s of all the contestants, video’s of their performances, and the scoop from each week! We look forward to seeing you at Lovin’ Cup soon!

Much Lovin’