Britain invades lovin’cup July 2011-2012

As soon as it began, it’s over! It only seems 5 minutes since I got here. Where did all the time go? My year at Lovin’ Cup is done, but has left me with some great friends, memories and experiences.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Rachael and I came to work at Lovin’ Cup in the summer of 2011, fresh off the boat from England! I was familiar with Rochester as I had previously worked at The Old Toad, the English bar on Alexander Street a few years ago. I wanted to build on the experience I had gained by working in the hospitality industry and was very lucky to be given the opportunity to work at Lovin’ Cup, thanks to Leslie and Don!

Leslie took me under her wing, and in addition to working in the restaurant I spent a lot of time working with her doing ‘office-y’ things and learning how much work, dedication and effort goes into building a successful business. I helped with the Business Development side of things, which included using social media to maximize exposure, writing press releases, designing posters, and composing the bi-monthly mailing list email. I also helped with some events and got to see them run successfully; from conception to completion. Cool beans!

As mentioned before, I served in the restaurant too. So if you have been to Lovin’ Cup for lunch lately and your server had a funny accent, chances are it could have been me! I love talking to people, so chatting to customers and getting to know the regulars whilst working was a pleasure. Everyone has been so friendly, even when they couldn’t understand what I was saying. Haha! J

I’m lucky to say while I have been here I have seen more of the United States that many people could only dream of. Highlights include a road trip from New York City to San Francisco, lounging on a beach in south Florida, and of course losing all my money in Las Vegas. So I am leaving Rochester at the end of the July to go back to the rain and cold of England. L However, I won’t be there for long, as in the winter I am off on my travels again. I am going to be completing 12 challenges around the world to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation! I am so excited to be tackling challenges such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the Machu Picchu trek in Peru, a skydive, volunteering at an orphanage in Tanzania and cycling from London to Paris! You can read more about my trip at .

Thank you to everyone who made my year at Lovin’ Cup the best ever! I will miss you all!

Rachael Chapman