Recipients for Lovin’ Cup Holiday Miracle

The recipients have been picked for the Lovin’ Cup Holiday Miracle, all of the stories warmed our hearts and we couldn’t just pick one, so now we have five great people we would love to give a miracle too.  Here are the people the benefit will go for and their stories:

Patrick Carr:  Patrick is a lovable third grade boy who loves playing hockey and playing with his younger brother Gavin. He enjoys playing outside and doing things most third-graders enjoy! This becomes difficult though because Patrick, is unlike many third graders.  Patrick had been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (a deadly cancer) when he was only four years old. He has been in remission three times for this disease, but it has now overcome him once again. Patrick has been a champion going through all of the treatments, can continues to fight! This will help him and his family pay for medical bills and other related costs!


Grace Golia: Grace is a 9 year old with a heart of gold and a compassion for children that are less fortunate.  Grace, being the compassionate soul that she is came up with the idea that she wanted to send orphans in Africa basic items such as school supplies, clothes, and other such things.  She got more of an opportunity to help when family friends Elizabeth Schirmer and Patrick Shores took a trip and saw the needs of orphans and other children in Kenya.  Grace has teamed up with them and been doing fundraisers to purchase and send over necessary items to Africa. This money will help her continue the foundation she has already built!


Alisiya Hassam: Alisiya is a 9 year old girl, who since she could talk has wanted to be a model or actress. She has been enamored with the experiences that modeling and acting can bring into her life, and has been working very hard to make her dream come to fruition. She has had the opportunity to compete for a contract by working with several different agents.  This money will help pay for classes and a portfolio to help her gain a contract and achieve her life-long dream.


Ashley Nagel:  Ashley just turned 4 years old, but when she was 15 months old (February 2010) she was diagnosed with a brain tumor called Pontine Glioma.  The typical life span of a child diagnosed with this tumor is 30 months, but because of her age she responded very well to treatment and the tumor became inactive.  She got to go to Disney due to the Make- A- Wish Foundation, and everyone thought that she was in the clear. In October the tumor came back and will now be terminal. The family does not know how long they will have with her, but she has lost the ability to walk due to the tumor and is getting treatment to slow the tumors growth and make her time left more enjoyable. The money will help with medical treatments but will also make it possible for her parents to take the time off work they need to take care of her full time.

Stella Gagliano: Stella just turned 2 years old November 16 but suffers from Gaucher’s Type 2, a terminal genetic disorder that she was diagnosed with when she was 6 months old.  This disease makes it so that she lacks the enzyme that helps break down fat, leaving it to build up in her organs.  It also affects her brain greatly and because of the severity she must have many treatments including a very expensive weekly enzyme replacement treatment which does not even help the neurological side of her disease. Her mom,Kara had to quit her job so she could stay with her full time.  This money will help them pay for the medical treatments and help so that Kara can stay with her  full time.