Who needs a miracle? These kids do:

Lovin’ Cup’s ‘Holiday Miracle’ fundraiser benefits local children in need

By Staff reports Messenger Post Posted Jan 16, 2013 @ 03:20 PM
Rochester, N.Y. —


For families in need, the holidays can sometimes be a reminder of what they don’t have.
It was that thought that spurred Lovin‘ Cup, a Henrietta restaurant and bar, to organize the Lovin’ Cup’s Holiday Miracle, fundraiser to benefit local children in need of assistance.The fundraiser is this Sunday, Jan. 20, from 2 to 10 p.m. at the restaurant, 300 Park Point Dr.  Lovin’ Cup selected five children as the recipients of the charity event after putting out a call for stories from those in need, said Leslie Zinck, Lovin’ Cup’s director of business development and marketing.
“We really just put it out there in a simple manner” Zinck said. “Basically, ‘do you know someone who is need of a holiday miracle?’ – and we decided that we would make decisions as we received stories.”
Those decisions proved harder to make than she expected, as stories arrived of children with inoperable brain tumors, degenerative neural diseases, and one little girl who was recently stricken with a rare terminal disease which is the only case of its kind in the state of New York.


“We were so inspired by each of their stories, so we included all of them,” Zinck said.
Ashley Nagel is one of the five inspiring children benefiting from the event. At the age of 15 months,

Ashley was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor called a Pontine Glioma. Six weeks of daily radiation and more than a year of chemotherapy treatments seemed to shrink Ashley’s tumor, and doctors, performing quarterly MRI scans, believed it was dead. However, recently the tumor has become active again and started growing at an alarming rate.  Ashley is again receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but doctors say there is no cure and treatment will not fully stop the tumor’s growth.



Wendy Nagel, Ashley’s mother, said Lovin’ Cup’s Holiday Miracle is a blessing for the family as medical bills continue to arrive in the mail.“It kind of gives us some financial security so when I do have to be out of work and not getting paid, at least we can still live where we’re living and hopefully pay the bills,” she said. “Also it gives me more time to spend with Ashley and give her the opportunity to do things that she wants to do, which we couldn’t afford to give her at this point in time.”
The full list of children benefiting from the Lovin’ Cup Holiday Miracle and their stories can be found at the Lovin Cup blog. Organizers hope to raise at least $5,000 to be split equally among the five children.
Lovin’ Cup will accept donations at the door the day of the event, offer beer and food specials, and hold a number of prize raffles. Four live bands will provide music throughout the night and several guest emcees will also join in the party.


To donate before the event, visit this indiegogo fundraiser and click on the “contribute now” button. Donors at the $25 level will receive a t-shirt emblazoned with the Lovin’ Cup Holiday Miracle logo and those at the $60 level will receive a hoodie with the same.