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Lovin’ Cup Bistro to revamp menu
Written by William Hirsh
Feb. 24
Lovin' Cup Bistro and Brews in Henrietta.

Lovin’ Cup Bistro and Brews in Henrietta. / WILLIAM HIRSH

Inside Lovin’ Cup

The popular food and entertainment venue in Henrietta’s Park Point Plaza currently offers soups, salads, paninis, burgers and other sandwiches, including vegetarian options, in the bistro and as catered meals. Many menu items have names referring to music, such as the Sgt. Pepper turkey sandwich and the Bell Bottom Blues burger.

The most popular items are burgers and paninis, such as “I’m Hot for Teacher,” a grilled chicken pesto panini, said co-owner Leslie Zinck, the director

of concept and business development.The new menu will jazz up the current mainstay items. In addition, “We’re working on some new menu items like entrées that are European-inspired,” Zinck said. A foretaste of these new items was a schnitzel served during Lovin’ Cup’s Oktoberfest, which will be on the menu sometime soon.

Joe Leonardo, who with mom

Linda provides bread to Lovin’ Cup, says a feeling of “local camaraderie” brings him to the restaurant outside work hours.“There definitely is a sense of family with the owners and customers,” said waitress Pauline Coles, 28, of Rochester, who has worked at Lovin’ Cup since June 2011. “I like to listen to the music and bands here.”

Music is played throughout the bistro, with a variety of live entertainment nightly.

Besides its food, the bistro serves more than 50 bottled beers, nearly 20 wines and cocktails.

Lovin’ Cup hosts monthly beer tastings and is planning a release party for new house beers on March 20. More than just a tasting event, the party will include festivities and challenges such as a team race to see who can kick down a keg first.


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