Happy 5th Birthday to Lovin’cup!

One of the most frequently asked questions that I have had over the years is: “What’s Lovin’cup?  What does that mean?  Where did the name come from?”  It stupefies most!  On our five year anniversary, I thought it a good time to share the meaning of the restaurant’s name, which comes from one of our favorite tunes….by the Rolling Stones – Loving Cup!  I have had the opportunity to explain this to many, but here is a chance for you all to acquaint yourselves with on of our favorite songs – and mantra!

I first heard the song from my favorite band, Phish, and they continue to play it almost every time I see them!  (I think they know that Erik and I are in the audience)  And the combination of the beauty of the song and the energy and happiness it brought to the crowd struck me from the start.

It was one of my best friends, Colin Weeks, who back in college, suggested that I named the “little coffee shop” I was then dreaming up, “Lovin’cup.”  I knew I wanted it to be music oriented, and when he broke that out during the brainstorm…I just knew – that’s it!  The idea subsided, as life happened….I went down many different employment paths, until the right time, people, and location just fell into place and…..ENTER LOVIN’CUP.

At this point, just as our team had evolved, so had the concept of Lovin’cup, which we know wanted to include great food, thoughtful libations, music, and most of all amazing friends – partners, crew, guests, musicians….we wanted it to be a community.  These are some of the components that make up the lyrics and vibe of the song, Loving cup….and thus, here it is….

We hope you find your “Beautiful Buzz” with us – in whatever form it takes….come spill the beans with us till dawn!