Meet Mary – one of our newbies!

Something new I want to do on our blog is to introduce you to some of our new peeps, as well as to pay homage to some of the great service of our amazing current crew!  I often get great feedback on the experiences people have had at Lovin’cup, as well as some insight on which one of our crew-members contributed to that extraordinary experience!

With this post, I am doing both!

Meet Mary.  Artist.  Beauty (inside and out.)  Old Soul.  A perfect addition to our wonderful crew!   Recently I received a wonderful email about what a great job young Mary did the other night at lovin’cup from one of our favorite patrons, Joe Myers!


Hey Leslie,

I wanted to let you know about my experience at Lovin’ Cup on Saturday afternoon. Despite it being quite busy, and everyone running around like crazy trying to make sure all the customers were being helped, it was a really enjoyable experience (as it usually is). Our hostess, Mary, was greeting people, seating people, helping to make coffee drinks when the bartenders were tied up with other customers, and generally assisting in every way she could. When things finally calmed down, Mary took some time to tell us about the coffee drink she’d come up with, which was delicious! She was very personable and professional and it was extremely impressive, especially considering her age. She engaged with customers and helped the servers and bartenders as much as she possibly could. Everyone there was certainly working as quickly as they could, but I was particularly impressed by Mary’s service and I thought I should let you know. You and I both know that it’s rare for people to get the recognition they deserve, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to pass it along to someone well-deserving of it. It really amazes me how at home I feel every time I walk in those doors. Thanks for everything you do to make that happen. Have fun at Phish tonight!

Your friend,

Joe Myers

Great Job Mary!  You rock!