Clark is awesome!

A review I just received via email about our Clark!



I wanted to touch base with you and let you know my initial impressions of your restaurant are of exemplary customer service. Specifically, I would like to draw to your attention Clark.

First, I need to let you know that I work for a very special company, ZVRS. I consider ZVRS one of the best companies in the USA to work for and we are proud of our high level of customer service. This past week, a beloved member of our team passed away. Since my office is located in Washington State, we were looking for an act of kindness to show the husband, who also works at ZVRS and family how much we love and care for them. A local employee gave us several recommendations to contact with the goal of buying gift cards for the family to use at a later date when they just needed some down time. The first restaurant I called had no process established for purchasing gift cards over the phone and was unable to assist with the delivery of the card after purchase. When I called Lovin’ Cup I was told, “Sure, We can do that! One moment while I get the person that can help you.”

It was at this point that Clark came on the line and was able to process my request while being friendly and helpful. He was able to advise me the average cost of the meal so I was able to purchase a gift card for the correct number of people. When I asked Clark if he would be able to send it in the mail for us he was willing to do so. When I gave the address, Clark recognized the name of the family as regular customers of Lovin’ Cup, folks he was acquainted with personally. Everyone in my office near Seattle was touched by his willingness to help us deliver the gift and we want to express appreciation for Clark’s excellent service. I think it is especially noteworthy to know that Clark was willing to help us before he knew who the gift was for. All of us should keep in mind that customer service could be meaningful when we are serving those we know and care for personally. You just never know when your service will turn into a story like this. Please thank Clark again from all of us in the Seattle ZVRS office.

Thanks again for the great customer service experience,


Thanks Clark, for being the best!