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Who came out for our fabulous annual festival?  It was our third year throwing a party of epic proportions!   We weren’t sure if we could make it any bigger than it was in the past, but we did with the help of amazing Rochester music, eateries, bars and breweries.

The event started when 3HB approached Lovin’cup, saying that they wanted to throw an anniversary party that didn’t JUST celebrate their first year in business, BUT also the city that they all grew up in and loved – Rochester.  So, they graciously worked with us to create an event that celebrated all of the wonderful offerings of the ROC, and invited all of the other Rochester breweries to come out and celebrate with them.  And it didn’t stop there – as together, Lovin’cup and 3HB, collaborated together to put together a mini festival, which included some of the best music, food and drink around!  Instead of viewing our community of businesses as competitors, we decided to celebrate the local businesses and artists that contribute to our culture – and celebrate all of it.  There is a place for everyone that adds to and supports this town.

  After three years of working on this together, I reached out to my pal, Geoff Dale, to say a little something about the event. 

so here goes….


About a month ago, we held our third Homegrown festival.  I was then asked to write a little piece about what Homegrown means to me and to really try and describe what the goal of the event truly is.  It is an interesting idea and here is my attempt to do that.  

I guess the best way to start is to state that I love Rochester.  This city is amazing and speaks to me.  I’ve done a lot of traveling thanks to family, Phish and beer.  These trips have allowed me to spend time in 41 of the 50 US states.  We truly live in an amazing country with so much culture.  There is great food, beer and music all over this great nation.  That being said, I am confident that what Rochester offers can match up with any other area you go to in the US.  To prove that point, we figured that we should put our money where our mouth is.  That is where Homegrown was born.  

We decided to put on a festival that would bring together the best original beer, music and food that Rochester offers in a one day party.  Since the first event in January of 2012, that has been the goal of Homegrown.  We have worked with so many great people doing great things in the 585 and it is inspiring.  The scope of the event continues to grow and the scope of who is included also continues to get bigger.  It was awesome to include a whole slew of local distilleries this year.
Homegrown since the beginning has been inclusive with the beer community.  It would be very easy to make this a Three Heads only beer event, but that would be counter to the overall idea of the festival.  We have always included other local breweries.  Not only offering tastings, but giving them draft lines too.  We believe in being inclusive and not exclusive.  This year, we actually even offered the opportunity to have a couple breweries from the Upstate region to be part of the event.  While technically not Rochester, we figured it was the right thing to do.  Buffalo and Ithaca are pretty awesome places and the beer there is tasty.  We also didn’t think people would mind having more beer options.  

We also consider this our anniversary party, so we have released an anniversary beer each year.  The Loopy was the first years option, last year we launched the Too Kind Double IPA and this year’s beer was the Tre’ Kind Triple IPA.  I can tell you that the Four Kind is not happening next year.  Sorry.  The event gives us a chance to try many of our 16 current beers in one setting.  We do a lot of seasonal beers and most summer beers are long gone before this January event.  We always keep some back for all of you to be available this one day.  

One of the final pieces of the event is a part that we at Three Heads and Lovin’ Cup hold very dear to our heart….the music.  Music is something that is a huge part of our history.  We always have music playing and the playlist when brewing a beer is a very serious discussion.  Many a brew came to being while the JahPod provided the soundtrack.  

If you don’t know, the Rochester original music scene is ridiculously talented.  The level of talent in this city is staggering.  We have had so many great bands grace the Homegrown stage in three years.  The Moho Collective, The Filthy McNastys, Friday in America, The Goods, AudioInflux, RootsCollider, Teagan & the Tweeds, The Swooners, Blue Falcon, My Plastic Sun, The English Project, The Sisters of Murphy, Extended Family and Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad. I can also tell you that the lineup for next year is already starting to take shape…and it is gonna be stellar.  

In closing, we feel blessed to be able to make good beer for this city and beyond.  We feel honored by the love and support we have received since we opened.  This is a small way we try and say thank you to everyone.  So until next year, much love from us to all of you.
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