Way to go Don! we’re on a roll here!


A fixture and well-known smiling face at Lovin’cup, my mother got a really nice message about The Don Alcott!  Here’s only one example of why he rocks!

Hi Mrs. Zinck!

I was just at Lovin Cup and had the best service. Well…I always get good service there, but this was exceptional and just made my day. I thought you might be able to pass the message along to your daughter on how wonderful Don the manager was. I had a perfectly nice dinner with my mom when Don came by to check if we enjoyed everything. I said that we had, and he particularly asked how I liked my soup. I told him it actually wasn’t my first choice, but they had run out of the cheddar brocolli. However the tomato was still delicious. He then proceeded to come back to our table with a cup of the cheddar brocolli to-go for me! It was so thoughtful and like I said it really made my night. The restaurant is so great, good consistent food and great service. Just thought you could pass the message along on how great don was. I hope your doing well! Take care

Emma Swiader

Thanks, Don for all you give to the cup!  And for being part of it from the start!!!