Nicolle “burg queen” C. – we love this review! LOL!

Lovin` cup is a love child between a bar, a restaurant, and a coffee shop w/ live music!. I first discovered it freshman year… now I’m graduating soon but I’ll firmly remember lovin` cup the rest of my life… why?

This is a turn off to some people -namely, those that don’t realize that this is not just a bar, for some reason. This isn’t a place to go if you want to get wasted. This is a place where you’d bring your dad but not your grandma. Okay, grandma can come too. It’s your new favorite college “hang out” place and date night and burg joint.

My boyfriend mistakenly thought lovin` cup was a place that exclusively employed by old ladies that served soup. This is incorrect. I think they might serve some soup, though. Besides that temporary disappointment, our dates here have been suburb! It’s a great place to bring a first date or your long term, monogamous significant other. Or, as I said, your dad.

Honestly, it’s the unexpected hole-in-the-not-wall that is rare. I have never had a bad experience here. Great staff, fun entertainment, hipsterlike environment, yummy food.

And as always, the burgs here are burgtastic… seriously, the Bayou Wease (sp?) is my favorite burg. (YOU GOT IT – BAYOU WEASE!  PICTURE BELOW!)

Keep doing what you’re doing, my lovin` cup…. *